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A Team with core values such as integrity, honesty and respect build a concrete foundation.

Our Team carries highly trained and skilled United States Military Veterans who have dedicated there lives for the security of our great nation. These qualities are presented in OnTheGoMi.com, and the individuals with in the company. OnTheGo is committed to working in an exceptionally organized manner, along with its dependable team. This excellence is achieved through effective communication, goal setting and adequate time management. OnTheGo’s mission is to ensure success along with strategic brainstorming and affirmative steps for quality achievements. Many factors play a role in order to successfully complete planning and execution. Our process of creating a strategic team allows us to serve and work with a vast majority of different types of organizations through out Michigan. Our steadfastness allows our team to assure satisfaction in the work that OnTheGo performs. We are committed to delivering exceptional, personalized, and flexible service to our domestic alliances through a strict guideline of honesty and integrity.

  • Strengthen our essential value-associates satisfaction is our highest priority
  • Continue integrating into new emerging industries and strengthening its domestic and regional presence
  • Provide high quality services for our valued customers
  • Promote honesty and ethics throughout the industry
  • Core Values: We place the highest emphasis on being honest, and professional with all parties involved in the process.
  • We are dedicated to our professionals, clients and our staff. We are committed to providing service at the highest standards.