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Our Transport Fleet

Our discreet vehicles that blend in with vehicles on the road. We transport products and cash without any complaints. Our fleet models are equipped to not be accessible or penetrable through the process of any pickups and deliveries. Our fleets can withstand all weather patterns and seasons Michigan endures annually. Additional security features that places OnTheGo’s transportation company at the highest standards for the cannabis industry. From precise GPS tracking to 360 degree live 24 hour remote monitored cameras. We will provide armed and unarmed security services for every level of transit. Our trained and vetted team at OntheGoMichigan will use unmarked specialized cargo vehicles that are equipped for all types of terrain and seasons. Specially created to blend in with civilian population but internally customized for protection. Equipped with run flat tires, security locks, security cages, sensors, 360 degree real time coverage, GPS tracking, and etc. Our client’s assets are not just protected by our team and vehicles, all goods transported are fully insured.