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We Incorporate Moral And Ethical Principles.

Our Code of Ethics is a statement that incorporates moral, ethical principles, and philosophies. It is a necessary prerequisite for any profession providing guidance to its members so that their activities may be measured against a standard of behavior. The need for a secured transportation company to guide by a sense of integrity, honor, justice and morality in the conduct of business. We strive faithfully to render security services of the highest quality and work to continuously improve our knowledge and skills and thereby improve the overall effectiveness of secured transportation. To cooperate with recognized and responsible law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies, to comply with security licensing and registration laws and other statutory requirements that pertain to our business model. To respect and protect the confidential and privileged information of employers and clients beyond the terms of our employment, except where their interests are contrary to law or to this Code of Ethics. To maintain a professional posture in all business relationships with employers and clients , with others in the secured transportation field, and with members of other professions; and to insist that our personnel adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct.