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On The Go Michigan Transportation Services was developed to assist the cannabis industry of Michigan to safely transport assets and currency from location to location. Our objective is to become to Michigan’s leading standard of secured transportation services for the marijuana industry. As the industry grows, cannabis cultivators, cannabis laboratories, cannabis processors, and cannabis provisioning centers (dispensaries) have found that it is difficult to grow a business without security. With On The Go Michigan Transportation Services we offer a fully integrated secured transportation infrastructure with proprietary software that can do it all. We offers solutions providing secured consulting and transportation for cannabis cultivators, cannabis laboratories, cannabis processors, and provisioning centers.

The point of our service is to take the worry from how your assets and currency are being delivered with minimizing risks of theft, damages, and or delays. We abide by all federal and state laws to provide safety and transparency for all our clients. Our goal is to protect the cargo and make sure that it arrives on time, every time, without interruptions. If you value revenue protection, our trucks are state-of-the-art in terms of security, surveillance, GPS tracking, and thoroughly vetted and trained drivers. Our expertise covers risk mitigation and risk assessments for cannabis. This is so that your cargo always gets to where it’s going safely and on time. You can also expect confidentiality with OnTheGo, there is a unique legal environment for the business and individuals working within Michigan’s cannabis industry. This requires extra diligence and professional discretion. We work hand-in-hand with our team who undergo extensive pre-screening, which includes a background check and individual vetting. Our team is trained to understand and protect this confidentiality that we provide to our clients

From our Director of Operations – David J. “We believe in putting our clients first every time.”