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Michigan Secure Transportation Cannabis Partner Backed by A. Rated Insurers

Elevate Your Operations and Get Secure with Michigans Most Reliable, Safe and Secured transportaion Services for Financial Institutions, Provisional Centers, Cultivators, Processors, Laboratories, & Cannabis Dispensaries.

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Order Supplies

We offer shipping supplies that help organize transports of currency & Inventory

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Service Areas

We service all areas of Michigan by all sectors of the industry

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Insured Cargo

Declared value of any shipments represents our maximum liability with shipments.

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Risk Assessment

On The Go Michigan Transportation Services will save you time and money.

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Shipping & Receiving

Shippers may obtain proof of shipment delivery, including delivery date anytime

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Shipping Requirements

All must comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws

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Michigan has mandated a law requiring 3rd party transportation, a requirement for all assets and currency to be transported with a transportation company like OnTheGoMichigan. When transporting precious assets from location to location, vulnerable of the threats and dangers from the criminals who are seeking to disrupt the flow of business. It is important to work with a professional, secured transport service that offers protection and experience for our clients assets. Our vehicles are state-of-the-art in terms of security, surveillance, GPS tracking, and thoroughly vetted and trained drivers.

why choose us

  • Safe & Secure Delivery Services

    Our team is professionally trained and compliant for all types of deliveries. Licensed and insured, we go into great depths to ensure deliveries arrive safe and secure on a timely manner.

  • Product & Currency

    Most trusted secured transportation services for the cannabis industry of Michigan. On-the-Go offers 24 hour online order submission and dispatch service making us the most convenient courier service available.

  • Transport Optimization

    Save time & reduce delivery cost by using our automated route planner. With Optimized Routes, you will be able to make more deliveries & rejoice your customers by being on time.

  • Tracking

    Allowing our clients to tracking their package from point A to point B with our real time online platform, mobile app services, SMS notification and email tracking integration services.

Our Strengths

Discretionary Security

Customers choose On The Go Michigan Transportation Services because of our reliability and discretionary practices. Our goal is to ensure that your product is covered without any risk to reputation or legal repercussions. That is why we follow federal and state law guidelines for everything we transport and do so in a way that makes our business shine above all others. With discretionary security, we provide a more secure way to protect your investment. We care about our client’s success, and to make our clients successful, we always go the extra mile. Whatever type of security you are looking for, we have a solution that will combine multiple points of risk assessment and management.

Industry Complexities

We Help You Over Come The Complexities Of This Industry. Secured Transportation providers such as OnTheGoMichigan, will at all times be compliant of all applicable local, state, and federal laws. We hold in good standing any and all required insurance coverage, bonding, licenses, permits, and certificates required by the state of Michigan. OnTheGo carries all applicable industry and accreditation standards relating to the maintenance of all equipment used for logistics. Large and Small operations are at risk with criminal activity rising around cannabis establishments. When more crime occurs at the retail and delivery level, there are many people who are seeking teams with expertise to transport items safely and securely, while also being able to protect the asset as best they can.